In addition to “light”, the word vitamaska also translates to “purity”, “opposing darkness”, and “freedom from ignorance” (mental darkness). Shifting away from the plight of the Pandemic and its negative effects on the world and towards a safe haven is a working goal achievable through a commitment to protection. Mask wearing and accessibility are essential to achieving this.

As a global distributor, VITAMAKSA International connects customers directly with the Shangrao Wurun Trading Co. LTD, our recommended vendor in China with an altruistic vision.

We have a team of celebrated entrepreneurs who understand the nuances of doing business in China. Our extensive experience producing large-scale cultural events including the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics and upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics, as well as working with 47 different cities for annual performing arts tours positions us for success.

We have trustworthy contacts in place to help oversee all international business transactions.


Shangrao Wurun Trading Co. LTD is founded by a Behavioral Economist who understands the importance of mask accessibility at affordable price points as essential criteria for creating a "new normal" in safety protocol. The family behind Shangrao Wurun Trading Co. LTD are executives with the Bank of Communication (one of the top five banks in China) and have strong personal relationships with selected factories, ensuring reliable fulfillment on all orders.

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