•Our N95 masks have FDA approval in the USA for non-medical use

•Our Medical N95 masks have CE approval in Europe and FDA approval pending in the USA and are used widely in hospitals throughout Europe

•Over 1 million Medical N95 masks have been sold to the NHS in the UK

•Surgical masks have been donated by one of our factory to the city of Philadelphia for use on their SEPTA transportation system as a gesture of good will


Mask Facts — Hong Kong has a population of approximately 7.5 million people. As of December 2020 there have been 108 COVID-19 related deaths since the beginning of the Pandemic. Why? Because of mask usage. An average of 97% of their public wear face masks, resulting in minimal deaths and caseloads. The mask of choice is KN95.

These figures speak for themselves.

Why are KN95 masks important? KN95 masks protect wearers from 95% of virus droplets. This is what everyone should be wearing to filter the virus in any indoor setting. But because of the PPE shortage in the USA until recently it was discouraged for non-medical workers to wear N95 masks. Our recommendation is the non-medical KN95 masks are ideal for everyday encounters.

In the USA, we are used to recycling masks. Ideally, wearing a new KN95 mask every day offers the best protection possible. And in areas of increased exposure, masks could even be changed every few hours. This is the way the rest of the world views mask use.

In China, school children are given a new KN95 mask every morning before entering their school as they drop their used KN95 mask in the garbage.


• Use a new mask every day
• KN95 is the best choice for protection

KN95 / N95:

KN95 masks are equivalent to N95 masks. The K denotes that our masks are manufactured in China.

KN95 / N95 masks protect from 95% of viruses through the weaving of fabric layers that stops aerosols including small airborne particles and large respiratory droplets, along with an electrical charge to capture medium sized viruses from passing through. This filtration efficiency is critical for proper protection.

NY Times Article:

Masks Work. Really. We'll Show You How
Published 10-30-20

This is the best 3-D demonstration of how an N95 mask works and provides a clear understanding of the WHY that VITAMASKA INTERNATIONAL expounds.

“A nonwoven material like that of an N95 respirator is most effective.”

“They have an extra feature: an electrostatic charge that attracts and captures particles of all sizes.”

“Where most masks fall short, N95s excel. Their material can filter at least 95 percent of the elusive medium particles and even more of the large and small ones.”

“The Coronavirus is about the size of the smallest particles, but it usually travels inside the larger ones.”

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